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Yi Yang Carrianna International Hotel
Address: No.2 Zishan Road, YiYang, Hunana
Hotel Telephone number: (86) 737 4288888
Fax: (86) 0737-4288899
Postal Code: 413000

Silver Bamboo Teppanyaki & Barbecue Dishes, a self-owned authentic iron plate cooking restaurant of Yiyang Carrianna International Hotel, was officially opened on March 31, 2017. It is located on the Floor 1 of the hotel with nice environment and elegant decoration. There are six comfortable rooms in the store decorated with Japanese style. Our products are renowned for Japanese and Korean specialties, and our seafood raw materials all from Japan by air, delicious and fresh. Professional senior chef one-on-one service and site cooking, so that the food production process can be fully demonstrated in front of the guests, and timely delivery of freshly baked food. According to the different preferences of the guests to adjust the taste of food to meet the tastes of different people.

It is an ideal place to enjoy the exotic.

Business operating hours: 11:00-14:30,17:00-21:00


Contact number 0737-4288888 Interline Extension: 8182

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